ftirFTIR Microscope: A Bruker Tensor 37 FTIR bench, coupled to a HYPERION microscope. Using the microscope reflectance and transmission measurements can be made using a 15x or 36x objective. The microscope is also equipped with ATR. Additional attachments for the FTIR systems include an MIR-ATR and Brill Cell.




pyrPyroprobe: The CDS Pyroprobe 5200 is coupled to the Thermo Trace GC-DSQII MS, and is capable of flash heating solid or liquid samples to 1000C. The probe is also compatible with the Brill Cell for FTIR measurements.




gcmsGC-MS: The Thermo Trace GC-DSQII MS can be fitted with a variety of columns and can introduce sample from the pyroprobe, split-splitless inlet, or programmable temperature vaporization (PTV) injector to the MS or FID.




Prep Equipment

Freeze Dryer: Labconoco FreeZone2.5                                                                      Speed Vac: Thermo Savant SC250EXP

Microwave: CEM MARSXpress                                                                                  Annealing Oven: Thermo Thermolyne

Vacuum Oven: Thermo NAPCO5831                                                                         Centrifuge: Thermo Sorvall Legend RT+



stable isotope labEPS Integrated Labs for Earth and Planetary Sciences (ILEPS), Stable Isotope Lab: This facility measure the stable isotope ratios of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, and sulfur from a variety of sample materials including organic compounds, bulk organic matter, carbonate associated sulfates, carbonates, waters, dissolved phases, and gases. The lab includes two Thermo Delta V Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers and peripherals such as a GC, gas bench, EA, and TC/EA.




Jacobsen-Diamond-Anvil-Cell-smallEPS Integrated Labs for Earth and Planetary Sciences (ILEPS), Mineral Physics Lab: This laboratory features a suite of high-pressure diamond-anvil cells capable of maintaining static high pressures in excess of 100 Gigapascals, I.e., pressures near the core-mantle boundary at ~2900 km depth. Resistively-heated diamond cells are available for heating up to ~1200K at simultaneous high pressure and utilized for studies of mineral reactivity at crustal P-T conditions. There is also a 1-atm/2300 K gas-mixing furnace for synthesis at conditions of controlled oxygen fugacity. For deep-Earth studies, laser-heating facilities at nearly Advanced Photon Source of Argonne National Laboratory are employed to reach sample temperatures in excess of 4000 K. At Northwestern, a variety of ultrasonic, spectroscopic, and structural probes are available for in-situ analysis of materials under high pressure and temperature conditions.



cbgChicago Botanic Garden: The Chicago Botanic Garden, located north of Northwestern University in Glencoe, IL, has a newly finished Plant Science and Conservation Center with state-of-the-art laboratories to support their botanic conservation efforts. The Blair Lab collaborates closely with researchers in the Soil Science and Plant Genetics Laboratories, which are set up for the processing and analysis of soil, soil microbial communities, and DNA/RNA extraction and amplification.